Triducive exists to solve the critical issues facing our clients, both large and small.

Our practical approach is not only what differentiates us, but also what makes us successful.

Using Agile methodology, we help leaders facing differentiation challenges realise brand value.


Shaping the needs
of your market


Framing the
value story

Triducive’s proprietary Marketing Shaping Programme uses expert decision-maker opinion to shape the needs of your market.

Patient cohort considerations, wider treatment attributes or under-appreciated factors that affect outcomes are often undervalued or overlooked by commissioners and clinicians.

Payer and clinical decision-makers want to know how your product or technology benefits them, their patients and the healthcare system.

Triducive will help you develop and implement a value proposition that speaks to the individual needs of your audiences and directly addresses their goals.


Mapping the value

of your medicine


your campaign

Only 16.5% of the NHS budget is spent on medicines, which equates to just 1% of the UK’s GDP.  So, whilst medicine costs continue to be under pressure, a wider pathway approach that manages patients in a different way is often beneficial.

Triducive’s expert-informed pathway mapping, costing

and scenario modelling, will put costs into perspective

and support system organisation or (re)design.

* NHS Digital and The Office for National Statistics

Teams need to work across functions to deliver campaigns and programmes to customers and achieve early impact and outcomes.

Triducive’s qualified and accredited Agile experts will accelerate your team’s success.

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